Friday, May 30, 2008

Open Source Project Management - ITProjectGuide-PM

ITProjectGuide-PM v0.1.0 is now available at:
User ID: demo
Password: demo

Changes from initial release:
  • moved from Mootools to jQuery for javascript framework
  • cleaned up user interface
  • cleaned up html coding
  • corrected some bugs
This weekend: implement security (hoping). I'm still waiting for SourceForge to approve the project so I can post the code there. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll post it.


  1. Dear developers,
    My name is erico and my e-mail is It seems to me that this tool is very nice. I wonder if it has compatibility to migrate from dotProject 2.1.1, where I have more than 40 users, 20 projects with hundreds of tasks. I tried once to import mysql file to web2project but it failed for many reasons.
    And moreover, it is undoubtfully that you have done a very good job. But as member of a huge enterprise I wonder if both tools will scale to large projects and if it is worthwhile, IMHO, to have three tools that are, basically, the same.

  2. I can pretty much say that it's not worth having 3 project management tools for one group (that was an easy one). Will ITProjectGuide-PM scale? I think it's more then capable for a small to mid-size company (100 + users 50+ active projects) - but I have not done any stress/performance testing. Will it be an easy port? I think there would need to be come conversion since I've modified many of the tables, however not the key ones.

  3. 8, 2008 at 12:44 PM

    Thanks Meade,

    By the way, do you think if i try porting dp mysql scripts into web2project will tough, then, porting to ITProjectGuide? Is there much difference between both, i mean, ITProject and Web2project?

  4. Web2Project was (from what I could tell) pretty close to dotProject from a database perspective. When I started IT ProjectGuide-PM one of the goals was to reduce complexity (what I considered unnecessary data) - so the difference is probably bigger for ITPG-PM then a port to web2Project - HOWEVER - with fewer tables/fields there's less to transfer. If you need help porting let me know.

  5. Manuel ( 3, 2008 at 3:58 PM

    Im Manuel......
    I think its a very good system and simple....
    Now i have a question
    How can add a new module, when i try i receive the folowing message....
    Call to undefined method w2Pacl::addModule()
    Call to undefined method w2Pacl::addGroupItem()

    I was trying translate all the option even Home in the menu bar..... .... its nice project, i need to define a generic task like a phase.... ill aprecciate your answer