Friday, May 16, 2008

Start of a new venture

I was working with a company on setting up a project management system - the selected tool was dotProject. dotProject is an open source PM tool, one of the few complete one's out there - it has a wide (from what I can tell) user base - but compared to some of the commercial software (SmartSheet, QuickBase, etc.) - it really doesn't compare...but it's free and has potential. So, in talking with the owner of the company - a very pro-open source person (morals do count) - I decided to take a shot at 'cleaning up' dotProject.......above is my first pass at items I would like to accomplish.....

Hoping to provide progress reports over the next month or so...and potentially have it re-released (open source of course) in 6-8 weeks. This is the first open source venture I'm the primary developer on (getting out the ole' PHP reference book now). Should be interesting. Code Name: ITProjectGuide (creative - right?)


  1. Former dotProject contributor (caseydk) here...

    Looking at your list, I suggest that you start from a more useful base... web2project. When the dotProject leadership announced a major overhaul/re-write of the project last year, those of us supporting customers forked to found the new project.

    Check it out - - the performance and UI improvements (including some Ajax) alone is probably enough to knock out 25% of what you're looking for...

    We're projecting a 1.0 release by the end of this month. :) :)

  2. Thanks! looks like you made some significant UI improvements! Worth checking out by anyone looking for a pm tool.

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