Monday, May 19, 2008

Next steps to a PM tool...

Thanks to a comment from Keith regarding web2Project - a branching of dotProject - I've been able to make some significant advances on the 'simplifying' of dotProject. I'm trying to be as strict as possible - following Occam's Razor....some recent changes include:
  • removing any % progress complete - you're either done or not...(something beaten into me some years ago)
  • removing's a PM tool not a contact management tool
  • removing $ fields - it's a PM tool not a budget tool
  • setting project status to Initiation, Planning, Execution/Control, Closeout, Complete and On-Hold...PMBOK 101
  • setting company types to active and inactive (there were 5 categories...not sure why)
  • removing internal hard coding
Overall - the initial developers and those currently support web2Project seem to have put a lot of good thought and effort into the code base - but like to many cooks in the kitchen, the product seems to have gotten feature bloat. Let's see what damage I can do to it. Hoping to have the PM tool simplified by end of this week and then I want to tackle the security model

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