Sunday, June 1, 2008

Open Source Project Management - beta available for download

IT Project Guide PM - beta version - is now available for download:


  1. Hello there, congrats for the work.

    Just some questions:
    I'm not really sure about what the objectives of this "web2project implementation" are. I mean: do you have a roadmap for 2008/09? or the objective was only to clean-up web2project fields "not related" to PM?

  2. Thanks! When I first started I put a mindmap together of what I intended to do (short term):

    I've stayed close to it...but to your point, most of the initial goals were usability related (simplification). I'm hoping to have a good first pass of this phase complete end of this month/mid-July. After that I'd like to get some feedback and see what makes the most sense to do next, some possibilities include:
    .risk management module
    .change control module
    .more spreadsheet like approach (aka SmartSheet like)
    .more Agile functionality - accept stories, iterations, etc (which should be able to be accomplished with the base product)