Sunday, June 22, 2008


I've been looking at various PHP frameworks (yes, I have time on my hands) - and finally found one I can really understand. It's the standard MVC (model/view/control) structure - has some helper apps and most of all GREAT TUTORIALS!. The frameworks I've looked at in some detail are:
  • Seagull
  • cakePHP
  • Symbol
  • Froop
  • CodeIgniter
My approach in review was to:
  • perform the basic google search - looking for reviews/comparisons
  • looking at wikipedia for any info
  • looking at each frameworks: intro, install, tutorials, forums and sites developed
I even downloaded them and gave them a test......end result was that within 45 minutes I had CodeIgniter downloaded, installed and tested with a small program....pretty amazing for a complex framework.

For a project manager, the selection of any technology - especially a critical project component - should be included in the planning. Don't rely on what has been done - focus on what could be done and what tools are best suited for the people performing the work. It's been stated by others that tools don't ensure success, but they help getting there.

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