Monday, June 23, 2008

PM Framework - CCC

According to Wikipedia - A framework is a basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues.

Here's my first attempt at creating a project management framework: CCC
  • Constrain - stop any additional damage from occuring
  • Control - gain control over the situation
  • Correct - put corrective measures in place

Seems simple. When project issues arise a project manager first needs to 'stop the bleeding', then gain control over the situation and then correct it. For example:
Issue: Scope Creep - a very typical occurance
  • Constrain via putting a stop to any changes to the plan or to what the developers are currently working on.
  • Control by communicating that all changes need to be communicated through you (the project manager)
  • Correct by putting proper Change Control in place (a weekly meeting where the project sponsors review the change requests and determine if the additional costs/time/etc. are justified.
I think good frameworks present the obvious in a simple way....the above is a set of steps often used by PM's during the course of any project, but at times forgotten when things are 'getting interesting'.

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  1. Good point!

    I think that the managing the following three "S" are the most critical:
    Stakeholder Management - The "who" for your projects. They are the most critical to success.

    Scope Management - The "what". To your point, scope creep is the most critical.

    Schedule Management - The "Who does what and when", which essentially ties the above 2 into the overall delivery of project artifacts.