Thursday, June 12, 2008

Face Time

Communication...yes, communication. The most important ingredient in a successful project. I know I've been down this road before...but it never hurts to go down the right road again. I was just recently involved in a face-to-face, multi-team meeting which took place in the same room at the same time and the amount of progress made in those 2 hours far surpassed the prior 4 weeks of email and phone communication. Is it the fact that humans (yes us) require a high level of interaction to effectively work? Being close to someone reduces the instinct of focusing on something (anything) else? That people need proximity to realize and execute base nurturing instincts? Take it from the Duke:
  • you can't buy a person a beer over the phone
  • you can't easily shoot a person (or intimidate them) via email
  • you'll never realize how much riding a horse 12 hours a day makes you smelly and mean unless you're near someone (hopefully you'll realize then)
  • and you can't have a good knockdown bar fight looking and typing at a computer (time to go have some fun)

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