Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get your motor running.........

I first heard about Yubico - Yubikey on SecurityNow!...every time I look at the thing I think of a ignition key...plug it in and start your work type of thing. It's basically a plug in keyboard with intelligence if hooked into an OpenID provider. Multi-point authentication:
  • Something you have (Yubikey)
  • Something you know (user ID/password)

Simplicity and perfection...I highly recommend you listen to the SecurityNow podcast discussion this solution with one of the Yubico owners:

1 comment:

  1. Yubikey is more than cool. It is an upgrade of your life style and it is here and now!

    Just to share one of my personal use case - I have Yubikeys for all my family members to use on to solve our problems of growing # of accounts on Internet. Now my wife can stop asking me for my travel itineraries or Netflix or Expedia passwords since she can access all my accounts shared with her w/o even knowing my passwords. My kid can plug in a Yubikey and open up all his favorite online destinations w/o asking me to remember passwords for him any more! I love Yubikey!